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Welcome to the Public Library at dlhoffman.com, an online collection of useful, entertaining, and informative hypertext documents. Here you will find resource material, fiction, poetry, and other literary works. You can browse through the library by choosing one of the sections listed below or you can search for specific keywords by using the search form.

> Literature & Poetry
> Reference Section
> Science & Technology
> Software & Computers
We are constantly adding new pages, mirrors, and links to the library so check back often for new entries.

  Literature & Poetry
In the Literature section you will find an eclectic collection of fiction and poetry collected by our staff.

> Fiction
> Poetry
> Shakespeare's Sonnets
> 'Zines

  Reference Section
The Reference section is a collection of usefull web pages on a wide variety of topics.

> American History Section
> CIA World Factbook
> General Reference
> Maps
> Religion

  Science & Technology
In the Science & Technology section you will find all sorts of information and site linkes that deal with physical sciences and non-computer technology.

> Astronomy & Space Science
> Biology & Life Sciences
> Chemistry
> Educational
> Geography
> Medicine
> Physics

  Software & Computers
In the Software & Computers section you will find a lot of stuff pertaining to free and open source software.

> The Internet
> Linux
> Software
> World Wide Web

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