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List of recently translated articles
2005-04-18 [English]:

lcdproc -- LCD displays easy to use and easy to build

2005-04-16 [Nederlands]:

Beginselen van Camera-positionering

2005-04-16 [Nederlands]:

Renderman III

2005-04-13 [Francais]:

Optimiser les programmes C/C+ + en utilisant GProf profiler

2005-04-12 [Castellano]:

LF Tip: resolviendo el problema de la tecla más fea

2005-04-12 [Castellano]:

LINUX Y PERL, integración de herramientas informáticas para estudio y análisis de información biológica

2005-04-12 [Castellano]:

LF tip: Personalizar motd & issue

2005-04-12 [Castellano]:

LF Tip: Cambiando la disposición del teclado al vuelo

2005-04-12 [English]:

LINUX & PERL, computer tools for study and analysis of biological information

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We do not have real issues since October 2004 but we group them by month like mini issues. The latest issue may still grow and change.

Until September 2004 LinuxFocus was published every second month. These are the available issues:

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The articles


[available in: English ]
lcdproc -- LCD displays easy to use and easy to build, by Guido Socher

In this article we use lcdproc to connect a LCD display and 2 buttons to a linux pc; simple and easy to build for everybody.

Software Development

[available in: English | Castellano ]
LINUX & PERL, computer tools for study and analysis of biological information, by Carlos Andrés Pérez

This article shows how easy it is to extract biological information from DNA, RNA and proteine sequences Databases using small perl scripts.


[available in: English | Castellano | Français ]
LF Tip: solving the ugly key problem, by Guido Socher

Good looking alternatives to the Windows key.


[available in: English | Italiano ]
Bayonne: the opensource project inside phone and IVR services, by Luca Bariani

GNU Bayonne is a scalable telephony application server.

Software development

[available in: English | Français ]
Optimizing C/C++ programs using the GProf profiler, by Arnout Engelen

One of the most important things to keep in mind while optimizing an application is: optimize the code where it counts.


[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch ]
Part 2 -- A digital thermometer or talk I2C to your atmel microcontroller, by Guido Socher

In this second part of the article we will connect a LCD display and I will explain how the software works.

The LinuxFocus Tip, March 2005

[available in: English | ChineseGB | Français | Indonesian ]
LF Tip:Cloning entire PCs over the network, by Gerrit Renker

This tip explains how to clone partitions with dump and restore.


[available in: English ]
Professional Tex(t)Authoring with LyX, by Gerrit Renker

This article is written for people who have a lot of text editing/authoring to do and are primarily interested in getting the text edited fast, reliable with a plesant looking printout.

Kernel Corner

[available in: English | Français ]
Writing your own netfilter match, by Nicolas Bouliane

The iptables/netfilter framework gives us the possibility to add features. To do so, we write kernel modules that registers against this framework.


[available in: English | Castellano | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français ]
A digital thermometer or talk I2C to your atmel microcontroller, by Guido Socher

In this article we see how to interconnect the microcontroller to a linux PC over a physical RS232 interface without the extra MAX232 chip.

The LinuxFocus Tip, February 2005

[available in: English | Castellano | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Nederlands | Russian ]
LF Tip: generating PDF from html documents, by Guido Socher

Some tips for generating PDF files.


[available in: English | ChineseGB | Français | Indonesian ]
Checking gpg mail signatures with Sylpheed-Claws, by Iznogood

How to install a gpg plugin and check a mail signature within Sylpheed-Claws with some bash pipes commands.


[available in: English | Deutsch | Français | Russian | Türkçe ]
ParallelKnoppix, by Majid Hameed

A Knoppix based Live CD that provides a Linux Cluster ready for MPI and other Parallel Computing in less than 15 minutes!

The LinuxFocus Tip, January 2005

[available in: English | Castellano | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Nederlands | Indonesian | Russian | Türkçe ]
LF Tip: LinuxFocus Live Bookmarks, by Guido Socher

LinuxFocus tip number 1 for January 2005

System Administration

[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Türkçe ]
Wireless LAN under Linux, by Wang Xu

In this article, the author talks about driver installation and usage of some common Wireless LAN adapters and related issues such as authentication based on 802.1x methods.

System Administration

[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Türkçe | Polish ]
CheckInstall, by Mario M. Knopf

Checkinstall is utility to automatically build RPM packages from tar.gz source pages. This makes it possible to do a "clean" installation and de-installation of almost any source code tar.gz package.

System Administration

[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Nederlands | Portugues | Polish ]
An introduction to SPF, by Bruno Sousa

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework an antiforgery standard to prevent the forging of e-mail addresses.


[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Polish ]
Fn-F12: Hibernate an IBM Thinkpad T20 laptop, by Jan Alonzo

Making Hibernate (suspend-to-disk) work on a IBM Thinkpad T20 with no windows installed.


[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français ]
Using gEDA , by Iznogood

gEDA (gnu Electronic Design Automation) is a set of programs to design electronic circuits.

The LinuxFocus Tip, December 2004

[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Nederlands | Türkçe | Polish ]
LF Tip: Emacs keybindings to edit the url in firefox , by Guido Socher

Software Development

[available in: English | Deutsch | Français | Portugues | Indonesian | Türkçe ]
Get to know a free pascal compiler : Free Pascal , by Razmal Djamal

Free Pascal is on the rise with a combination of text mode programming and OOP as powerful as RAD Delphi.

The LinuxFocus Tip number 2, November 2004

[available in: English | Castellano | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Nederlands | Russian | Türkçe | Polish ]
LF Tip: Customize motd & issue , by Mario M. Knopf


[available in: English | Castellano | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Türkçe ]
Programming the AVR Microcontroller with GCC, libc 1.0.4, by Guido Socher

Microcontrollers are the universal hardware components of the future. Learn how to program it under Linux in C.

The LinuxFocus Tip, November 2004

[available in: English | Castellano | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Nederlands | Türkçe | Polish ]
LF Tip: Switching off font anti-aliasing , by Guido Socher

Software Development

[available in: English | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Russian ]
Platform Independent Software Develoment, by Michael Tschater

This article reviews different possibilities to build platform independent graphical user interfaces.

The LinuxFocus Tip, October 2004

[available in: English | Castellano | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Nederlands | Portugues | Russian | Türkçe | Polish ]
LF Tip: Change the keyboard on the fly , by Guido Socher

Unix basics

[available in: English | Castellano | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Indonesian | Russian | Türkçe | Polish ]
The mystery of mount points , by Guido Socher

This article explains the concept of mount points but I hope the article has also some information which is interesting to readers who are not new to linux.


[available in: English | Castellano | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Portugues | Indonesian | Türkçe ]
Creating panoramic views using Hugin, Enblend and The Gimp , by Katja Socher

In this article we show you how to create a panoramic picture using Hugin, Enblend and The Gimp.


[available in: English | Castellano | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Nederlands ]
Simple Animation , by Alexander Langer

Creating a simple animation is fun and easy, for children and adults alike.


[available in: English | Castellano | ChineseGB | Deutsch | Français | Italiano ]
Linux in Science - Or How A Useful Neural Network Utility Was Developed , by Ralf Wieland

This article shows how useful Linux-based software in science is.

System Administration

[available in: English | Castellano | Deutsch | Français | Italiano | Nederlands | Portugues | Indonesian | Russian | Türkçe ]
darkstat - a network traffic analyzer , by Mario M. Knopf

In this article we present the network traffic analyzer "darkstat". We cover installation, start and usage of this program.

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