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Welcome to the Software & Computers section of the Public Library at dlhoffman.com. Here you will find information about computers, networking, programming, and software. You can browse through the library by choosing one of the sections listed below or you can search for specific keywords by using the search form on the left.
> Books (online copies of full length books)
> The Internet
> Linux
> Open Source Software
> World Wide Web
We are constantly adding new pages, mirrors, and links to the library so check back often for new entries. Most of the pages listed are local to the STN web site but some are not.

> The Linux Documentation Project. A mirror of the Linux Documentation Project HTML pages. A good place for useful information are the Linux HOWTOs. You can search the LDP using the form below.
> Linux Focus. An online magazine devoted to supplying the emerging young and active Linux community with tips, information and recent news. You can search our mirror of Linux Focus using the form below.
> The LINUX FUD factor FAQ . Linux is growing in popularity and, as a consequence, is finding its way into everyday conversation and media articles. Unfortunately, much of this conversation is ill-informed. This document presents some of the more frequently cited 'myths' about Linux and open source software in general.

> Linux Gazette . Making Linux just a little more fun. The Mid-February 2001 Issue (#63) is now out. You can search all the issues of Linux Gazett using the form below.
> The Linux Software Map . The linux software map is a database of many of the packages that have been written for, ported to, or, these days, simply compiled for linux and made available.
> Linux System Administrator's Guide 0.4 . An HTML version of Lars Wirzenius's guide for Linux system administrators.
> Maximum RPM . Taking the Red Hat Package Manager to the Limit. Edward C. Bailey's book about the Red Hat Package Manager or, as it is known to it's friends, RPM. This is the online version of the definitive RPM reference book, at least untill version 2 comes out.
> Multiple IPs, 1 Ethernet . Configuring your 1.2.xx Linux machine to answer to multiple IP's. Most Linux users have moved on to the 2.x versions of Linux but, occasionally, people still ask how to do this on the old 1.2.x kernels.
> Port Forwarding . Port forwarding forwards all packets intended for one forwarding port on a gateway from the external networks to routed on a specified port on one of the internal machines.
> RPM Repository Index . A mirror of the RPM index from rufus.w3.org. It provides a pretty nifty list of RPM information from most popular Linux distributions and other sources. It is still under development so use it advisedly. You can search the RPM Repository Index using the form below. Hint: try including the architecture along with the package name to cut down on the returned pages ("sendmail i386").
Note: the actual RPMs are not archived on ShopTheNet, but links are provided to the actual archives.


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