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Doug L. Hoffman
(photo by Todd E. Gaul)
I've recently moved to Arkansas where I'm a Systems Architect for Acxiom Corporation. Things are rather hectic with moving, starting a new job, and buying a new house but things are good here. Acxiom is a wonderful company to work for and Conway, AR, is a great place to live.

I'm Currently employed at Acxiom Corportation based in Little Rock, Arkansas, doing research and development on massively parallel, distributed applications. I'm also an adjunct professor of computer science at Hendirx College here in Conway, Arkansas where I try to balance working in industry with teaching. The following list describes some of the reseach areas that I'm interested in.

> My current hobbies are implementing a PVR on a computer computer running Linux using the excellent MythTV package and trying to get enough range time to keep my pistol marksmanship upto snuf. MythTV lets you build your own TiVo like video recorder that will totally replace your VCR and change your TV viewing habits for ever. If you have a pc and you are not running the Linux operating system, a free Unix clone created by Linus Torvalds, you are really missing out. It's great and getting better every day. For more information and files to download check out the Linux Documentation Project Home Page.

> I'm a former Research Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science , at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC-CH is located in the very heart of North Carolina, an area called the Triangle. My most recent area of research is in 3D protein structure comparison on the Dihedral Sequence Comparison (DiSCo) project. This is an extension of my PhD dissertation work. My dissertation and other publications are available here. In the future, I hope to combine my interest in parallel architecture and parallel algorithms in working on this problem.

> While I was working on my Ph.D. I was a research assistant on The BioSCAN Project. BioSCAN is a massively parallel, custom VLSI based, biological sequence matching engine. Along with the other members of the BioSCAN team, I was involved in the development of the network server software, the web interface, and the applications software.

> Katrina Ryan for Carrboro Alderman!
The preceeding political ad provided at the request of a friend.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Acxiom Corporation, Hendrix College, or the Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or any of their affiliates. Any part of this document may be reproduced in part or in whole by anyone who wants it.

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