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Autonomous Robot Explores Antarctica
 Posted by emmett on 2000-01-31, @ 23:43:45 EDT
 from the danger-will-robinson department (Read More... | 20 comments)

Coping with Database Protection Laws
 Posted by michael on 2000-01-31, @ 21:52:47 EDT
 from the copyrighting-facts department (Read More... | 85 comments)

Phoenix BIOS Software Available for Crusoe
 Posted by emmett on 2000-01-31, @ 20:20:32 EDT
 from the rising-from-intel-ashes department (Read More... | 178 comments)

Elements of Programming with Perl
 Posted by Hemos on 2000-01-31, @ 17:02:59 EDT
 from the bringing-competition-to-the-mix department (Read More... | 152 comments)

Interview: Jon Johansen of deCSS Fame (UPDATED)
 Posted by Roblimo on 2000-01-31, @ 17:00:35 EDT
 from the masters-of-reverse-engineering department (Read More... | 292 comments)

CMU Sphinx Open Sourced
 Posted by emmett on 2000-01-31, @ 16:00:30 EDT
 from the get-it-while-you-can department (Read More... | 136 comments)

China and the MPA
 Posted by JonKatz on 2000-01-31, @ 15:00:08 EDT
 from the arrogance-and-stupidity department (Read More... | 217 comments)

Linux in Embedded OSs
 Posted by CmdrTaco on 2000-01-31, @ 14:32:31 EDT
 from the stuff-to-read department (Read More... | 73 comments)

Ars Technica on OSX/Aqua
 Posted by Hemos on 2000-01-31, @ 14:03:52 EDT
 from the very-cool-overview department (Read More... | 201 comments)

Linux Ported to IBM's Network Computer Terminals
 Posted by Hemos on 2000-01-31, @ 13:05:40 EDT
 from the getting-in-everywhere department (Read More... | 78 comments)

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